~Local Area Attractions~

Butchart Gardens

Stroll amidst 55 acres of the most breathtaking gardens you have ever seen on the 130 acre Butchart Estate located on the Todd Inlet of Vancouver Island.  Enjoy nightly entertainment and stunning fireworks on Saturday nights in July and August.

Camping in victoria Bc

So many things to see and do, you'll want to stay forever...

While camping in BC, at Cedar Springs Ranch campgrounds, Vancouver Island with its many varied sights and attractions will keep you and your family busy for days!


With its quaint English charm, Victoria boasts a thriving but small metropolis with many varied sights to enjoy.  From seafood to ethnic foods, Victoria has many restaurants to appeal to the most discerning diner.

Royal BC Museum

and Imax Theatre.  At the Royal BC Museum, you'll see the actual items that shaped our history, all brought to life in 15 carefully recreated galleries and exhibits.  With a collection of more than 7 million authentic objects, there's no better place to learn the true history of Canada's most remarkable province.

Whale Watching

No other place in the world has more resident pods of Ora whales, transient Orcas as well as Humbacks and Grays.  Enjoy the thrill of skimming across the surface in a zodiac boat or travel in the comfort of the Ocean cruiser.   Visit www.princeofwhales.com for information.

West Coast Beaches

Explore the tide pools, hike the rugged trails of the west coast trail, don a wetsuit and rip the curl of local beaches on your surfboard or simply stroll along the endless beaches that encircle Vancouver Island.  Pristine, breathtaking and enjoyable!

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