Vancouver Island

  with its many varied micro climates and eco-systems, has something for everyone.  Ocean beaches, lakes, rivers and streams are everywhere you turn.  Mountains, valleys and canyons abound on this, Canada's jewel of the North Pacific.

  At over 560 Km in length and with over 31,000 square kilometres to explore, you'll forget you're on an island.

  With all the conveniences of a large Metropolis, but on a much smaller scale, Victoriaoffers something for everyone to enjoy.  Whether you're a lover of the arts or a lover of the outdoors, we've got you covered.

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Rv Camping in Victoria

Cedar springs ranch

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It's been our honor over the past 40 years to offer some of the most breathtaking, stunning natural beauty thatVancouver Island has to offer.for your RV camping in Victoria. And coming soon, we will be offering the beauty of our property to those wanting a resort lifestyle with the convenience of Park Model living.